Digital Signage Strategies @CETW

“CETW offered me the latest in digital signage and the strategies on how to most successfully integrate them with Disney’s current customer engagement offerings."

- Randy Chancey, Manager, Experience Development, Walt Disney World Resort

Why do so many venues, brands, agencies, and other end-users call CETW their home?

CETW is the only place where they get all of the information they need to successfully integrate digital signage technology in their overall engagement strategies, solutions, programs, and campaigns!

Why do I need to integrate digital signage into my engagement marketing and advertising campaigns?

  • 63% of adults find that advertising on digital signage "catches their attention."
  • 62% of adults remember seeing digital signage in the past 12 months
  • 58% of people find digital signage more unique than traditional advertising.
  • 44% of people pay attention to digital signage (ahead of traditional billboards, Internet, mobile phones and equal with magazines, radio and newspapers)
  • Consumers consider advertising in this media to be more unique and entertaining.
  • On average, people notice digital signage in six different locations during their week thus intercepting attention at various locations. - OTX Research

"Digital Signage Advertising is forecast to expand to 41.5% of the Out Of Home market by 2014."
- Katy Bachman (Adweek)

CETW educational sessions focuses on the needs of brands, marketers, agencies, venue operators and technologists, providing opportunities for attendees to hear from and network with those leading organizations who have successful digital signage strategies that are integrated within their marketing and communications mix. They will share how these programs have improved customer engagement and experience, as well as extending the life of that experience and/or campaign. Attendees will have multiple opportunities to understand from your peers about their successes and pitfalls, how their outcomes delivered versus their strategic projections, and their plans for the future.

With unparalleled peer-to-peer networking opportunities and access to like-minded colleagues and industry thought leaders, CETW attendees are able to experience the impact of augmenting a customer engagement and experience strategy with today’s cutting-edge digital signage technology solutions, and to do so all under one roof.
Understand their successes and pitfalls, and how their outcomes measure up to their strategic projections. From improved communications to delivering digital media networks to generating advertising revenues, digital signage programs and campaigns allow organizations and advertisers to deliver targeted messages that inform and motivate your audience with fine-tuned precision, when and where they'll have the most impact.