Drive Demand!


The technologies on display at CETW are critical enablers that drive our consumer businesses; the ability to connect with consumers along their path to purchase, both inside of our venues as well as during their pre-visit exploration, is one of the fundamental ways in which we create awareness and demand.” - Danna Vetter, VP Consumer Strategies, ARAMARK

Your customers are constantly consuming information, through a variety of channels, often simultaneously and whether they realize it or not.   Ready to be a part of their digital experience?  Come on down to CETW. We'd love to show you the ropes.

Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW) delivers a first-hand look at emerging technologies and gives you access to case studies and experience from thought-leaders across the industry.

Digital signage, mobile, social and self-service - we've got it all!  Spend just 2 days out of the office and experience these emerging technologies… most importantly learn how to leverage the integration of them to enhance brand awareness and drive ROI.

Hear from your peers - learn what's working (and what's not!) and find companies that will deliver the solutions that will keep you in step with your customers.

"CETW is definitely a leader in the industry by being one of the first events to bring all digital technologies under one umbrella - allowing brand marketers, retailers and other end-users to strategically plan for any initiative at ONE conference."
-Jennifer Nye, Kohler Co.