Digital Signage Networks

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With over 1.5 million visitors a day, it is critical that we understand how to make our signage in Times Square engaging and interactive.  CETW is the place we find the best information and solutions to solve these and other issues we face.”
- Dave Jenssen, Vice President, OOH and Digital Signage, Thompson Reuters

Digital advertising accompanies consumers’ everyday lives by means of its unprecedented dynamism and interactivity.  DOOH or Digital Out Of Home is an expanding digital advertising medium with the ability to reach every individual outside their home in a dynamic manner. 


DOOH (also known as Digital Place-Based Media, or DPBM) is the new communication solution for advertisers looking for a means of communication with a high level of proximity, impact and attraction. Thanks to the great flexibility of its use and content, digital advertising can be adapted in different environments.   Well used, it inevitably becomes a valuable tool that enhances the recognition, reputation and allocation of the brand.


DOOH/DPBM networks can be found in many places including your local breakfast diner, a doctor's office, malls, transit stations or even on gas pump toppers.


If you are looking for insights, tips and tricks from leading experts on Digital Out-of-Home and Digital Place-Based Media, and/or want to understand what customers really want to improve engagement and ad recall, CETW provides a complete educational program just for DOOH strategies and solutions.