Service & Operations

Operational Efficiencies!


"The strategies and solutions I have discovered at CETW over the years – and the people I have  been able to network with – have helped my organization increase interaction with our customers, engage them in a more meaningful way and improve their customer experience." - Steve Hatcher, Customer Services Manager, Tacoma Public Utilities

At CETW, hear from your peers, network with prospective clients and find the solutions that will improve your organizations operational efficiencies, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve your customers’ experiences.  Learn from success stories how organizations utilize self-service and other cutting edge technologies to engage with customers, and how their outcomes delivered versus their strategic projections.  Your access to education, demonstrations and solutions will enable you to improve your company’s offerings, processes and efficiencies.

Locations (retail stores, museums, banks, universities, hospitals and more) call CETW their home – the only place to get all of the information they need to successfully improve operational efficiencies while offering customers the ability to purchase and process themselves in a manner that suits their needs.

Only at CETW can you get all the information you need to keep your business ahead of the rest – and all under one roof!  In just 2 days you will gain knowledge about: 

  • Operational efficiencies
  • How to get budget approval for a self-service/kiosk program
  • Extending brand and product reach
  • ROI models and metrics
  • Case studies: how outcomes delivered vs. strategic projections
  • How does self-service affect in-store purchases
  • Customer service enhancements