Self-Service & Kiosk Strategies @CETW

“CETW is a tremendous asset that SoloHealth has utilized to grow the FDA approved SoloHealth Self-Service Health Care & Wellness Interactive Kiosk program. CETW's education and networking opportunities provide valuable interaction with today's industry thought leaders. I highly recommend CETW to anyone looking to deploy technologies to engage their customers.”
- Bart Foster, CEO & Founder, SoloHealth

Why do so many venues, brands, agencies, and other end-users call CETW their home?

CETW is the only place where they get all of the information they need to successfully integrate self-service technologies into their overall customer engagement strategies, solutions, programs, and campaigns.

Why do I need to integrate self-service kiosks into my engagement marketing and advertising campaigns?

  • $2.50 per person saved by processing through kiosks (SITA)
  • 88% of Gen Y’ers who find self-service useful (Galaxy Research)
  • 63% said they would choose self-service given the opportunity (Galaxy Research)
  • $1.1 Trillion - Transactions at Self-Service Kiosks are growing better than 10% per year in North America with transactions expected to grow past $1.1 Trillion per year through the devices by 2015 (IHL Group)

Kiosks are one of the hottest trends in the hospitality and hotel industry,
ranking #9 on the 2012 Hot List
(Condé Nast)

CETW educational sessions focuses on the needs of brands, marketers, agencies, venue operators and technologists, providing opportunities for attendees to hear from and network with those leading organizations who have successful interactive self-service kiosk strategies that are integrated within their marketing and communications mix. They will share how these programs have improved customer engagement and experience, as well as improving their operational efficiencies. Attendees will have multiple opportunities to understand from your peers about their successes and pitfalls, how their outcomes delivered versus their strategic projections, and their plans for the future.

With unparalleled peer-to-peer networking opportunities and access to like-minded colleagues and industry thought leaders, CETW attendees are able to experience the impact of augmenting a customer engagement and experience strategy with today’s cutting-edge self-service kiosk technology solutions, and to do so all under one roof. Network with your peers and industry thought leaders, and find the solutions in our exhibit hall that will improve your organizations operational efficiencies, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve your customers’ experiences.

“CET World was the best show I have been to.”
- Greg Clore, Vice President of Information Technology, Dave & Buster's

Attendees are able to understand how self-service kiosks improve operational efficiencies while offering customers the ability to purchase and process themselves in a manner that suits their needs – only at CETW.

"I'm extremely happy that I attended CETW – it was a fantastic use of my time and money invested. The speakers were outstanding and well versed in the subject matter; the topics were relevant and valuable. The exhibitors demonstrated solutions that I was looking for and I was able to have in-depth discussions with them about what I could purchase."
- Bryan Ravit, Founder, universiDVD, LLC