Welcome to Customer Engagement World (CEW)

The prospects are daunting… and exhilarating.

So many new channels, technologies and networks are converging into the customer’s personal journey with your brand. Which is why your omnichannel marketing ambitions demand a show as all-inclusive as this. The keys. The tools. The pitfalls. Everything you need to know is here.

More than ever, this year's Customer Engagement World will immerse you in a unique event experience, making omnichannel marketing understandable, practical, and real. It's the one New York City-sized guide to unifying and electrifying your brand experience whenever and wherever the customer meets it. You'll come away with priceless insights into:

  • The marketing mix that will work for you and why
  • How to achieve vital collaboration among siloed departments like marketing, IT, and independent vendors
  • Techniques for making the most of the data and analytics at your disposal
  • Not only the "Next Big Thing," but the dozens of little things that will keep you ahead of the curve
  • Sources of profitable business advice and vendor support gleaned from our networking events and roundtable discussions
  • Creating a winning end-user experience

Nothing else compares to CEW's huge choice of workshops, premier speakers, inspirational case histories, spirited debates, jaw-dropping technology debuts, and real-world takeaways. 

Want to get the big picture of evolving customer expectations, and distinguish fads from the real future of the engagement ecosystem? Register for CEW now!